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Size 2x1
Tech Required Blacksmithing
Cost 32,000 Coins
Upkeep 2,000 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 1,500
Hitpoints 350
Points 10,000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials Adds additional hammers for having certain trade goods.


Overview[edit | edit source]

The blacksmith building plays a key role in enriching a town and its members. Contrary to what you might think, blacksmiths do not provide a method for repairing items. Instead they allow you to improve items and to get more return on the ore you have mined. Weapons and Armor are enhanced using Catalysts. Each time you use a catalyst on an item it has a chance to break the item.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Modifiers and Effects[edit | edit source]

GrowthReduces growth rate in town by 20%
HammersGenerates 50 hammers per hour

Professional Smelting[edit | edit source]

The blacksmith improvement gives your town access to highly trained professionals who know how to get every ounce out of gold or iron out of that ore brick you've mined. Ingots are often lost due to the inefficiency of simple furnaces. Professional smelting allows you to get more than one gold or iron ingot from a single ore block. And they'll do it for free! Great! But whats the catch? It will take time.

A newly built blacksmith will allow you to deposit ores into it's professional furnace and come back later to get more than one ingot per ore. One ore will produce 1.25 ingots in 3 hours. Once you deposit ores into the blacksmith they cannot be retrieved until the smelting has completed. If you are in game (and the server has not rebooted) you will be notified when the ore is finished smelting.

Enhancing Items/Catalysts[edit | edit source]

The new Materials system allows CivCraft's gear to be enhanced so that it can do more damage and provide more defense than it's default values. To enhance a weapon, you need to obtain a Weapon Enhancement Catalyst, likewise to enhance armor you'll need an Armor Enhancement Catalyst. There are four different qualities of catalyst which match up with the tiers of gear in game. In order to enhance an item the catalyst's quality must match the tier of gear you're trying to enhance.

Catalysts can only be crafted with the following materials
All Catalysts require crystals. You obtain crystal fragments from mobs 9 fragments crafted together give you a crystal.
Ionic Crystals give Defense
Metallic Crystals give Attack
Industrial Diamonds are 3 Diamond Blocks Crafted together

Catalyst Tier 1 - Common
3 x Common Crystals - C
2 x Diamond Blocks - D
3 x Mercury Baths - M
Empty - x

Catalyst Tier 2 - Uncommon
3 x Uncommon Crystals - C
1 x Industrial Diamond - D
3 x Mercury Baths - M
Empty - x

Catalyst Tier 3 - Rare
3 x Rare Crystals - C
2 x Industrial Diamond - D
3 x Mercury Baths - M
Empty - x

Catalyst Tier 4 - Legendary
3 x Legendary Crystals - C
2 x Industrial Diamond - D
3 x Mercury Baths - M
Empty - x

CatalystUsable Only On Tier
Common Attack/Defense1
Uncommon Attack/Defense2
Rare Attack/Defense3
Legendary Attack/Defense4

How To Enhance[edit | edit source]

Once you have the catalyst you need, deposit it in the Blacksmith by holding it in your hand and hitting the "deposit catalyst" sign. Then select the item you wish to enhance and click on the "Forge" sign. If the enhancement is successful you'll get a new item with (+1) written on it's name, and +1 attack +1 metal armor +0.5 leatehr armor in it's lore. Congrats! Your item is now enhanced. For every +1 on a sword, it will receive +1 damage (or 0.5 heart).

Each time you enhance an item it has a 25% minimum change of failing.

The formula is the following :

failChance =  Math.max(0.25, 1 - (TownBeaker / BestTownBeakerOnServer))

To make it easier read as the following :

1-(YourTownBeaker/ HightestBeakerTownServer)

Then you pick the hightest value between 25% and the preview result. If the enhancement fails, the catalyst is unsuccesfull added. Your catalyst will break and your item will be put at 20% durability.

Note: The repair cost increase for eacht catalyst by 20%. Note: To forge a catalyst you need the item fully repaired.

Hammer cost for catalyst[edit | edit source]

Catalyst are now applied differently. It's no longer instant. It cost hammer. The hammer cost formulas is the following : tierCost = 6250*tier , hammerCost = ( tierCost*currentCata)+tierCost

I assume you guys prefer it with actual number so here a little chart for tier 4.

0 cata = 25000

1 cata = 50000

2 cata = 75000

3 cata = 100000

Also its not the total. If you want a +2 it will cost 25000(+1) + 50000.

Note: You can't build while applying catalyst. You also cant apply catalyst when building.

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