Grandship Ingermanland

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Grandship Ingermanland version 2.0.png
Wonder Information
Chunk Area: 3x6
Required Technology: Grand Ship Ingermanland
Build Cost: 900,000
Hammer Cost: 1,350,000
Civ Points: 500,000
Hit Points: 2,000
Hit Point Regeneration Rate: 2
Special: Attack Boat Buff and bombardment

Overview[edit | edit source]

Can only be completed by one town at a time.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Grandship Ingermanland Bombardment: Every 110 seconds (reduced by 30 seconds if you have a functional Broadcast Tower and by 5 seconds for each functional scout ship in the town. )the grandship will bombard a random defensive structure if any are functional (If none are fonctional start bombarding the capitol/townhall)in the town of your choice (/civ bombard town). It will deal 100 damage and do an artillery explosion nearby. If the grandship destroy a tower it will enter a 5 minute reloading penalty for doing the last hit.
  • Grandship Ingermanland Ammunition: Reduces the war cannon ammunition requirement by 25%
  • Grandship Ingermanland Sabotage: Civilization at war with you recieve no base structure, wonder or control block regeneration. Bonus regen will still work.

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