Vanilla Minecraft vs. CivCraft

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What is different from vanilla Minecraft?[edit | edit source]

Some basic Minecraft features have been removed from the game to better suit the Civilization aspect of CivCraft, while other features have been added.

Vanilla features that have been removed[edit | edit source]

  • Mob spawners have been disabled
  • Vanilla enchants and enchantment tables are disabled
  • XP is disabled
  • The End and The Nether have been removed
  • Vanilla weaponry and armor have been disabled
  • Animals can no longer be bred in the wilderness (can only occur on Pasture structures)
  • Horses can only be bought via the Stables structure
  • Lava and water no longer spawns cobblestone to prevent cobble generators. Instead, they generate Netherrack when combined.
  • Vanilla monsters no longer spawn
  • Hoppers no longer can be crafted with the vanilla recipe.
  • The entire world is lowered by 40 blocks. This means that the y level you will spawn on is +- y25.

Features that have been added[edit | edit source]

  • Protected plots(chunks) and plot permissions
  • Lore Items: See Materials page
  • Custom CivCraft weaponry and armor seperated in Tier 1-4
  • Items from The End and The Nether are available via the Store and Market strucures
  • Specific item enchantments are available via the Library and The Great Library structures
  • Custom Mobs Lesser, Greater, Elite, and Brutal Yobos, Ruffians, Savages and Behemoths now spawn.

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