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Overview[edit | edit source]

Just like in the popular Civilization game series, towns will have the opportunity to compete to build epic structures that provide a permanent benefit to the town, its members, and its mother civilization. Like wonders in Civilization, only one town may build a specific wonder. Once that wonder is built, other towns may no longer build it. Wonders have a wide range of useful benefits. They are unique, large, and powerful structures that will take a massive effort to construct.

Building Wonders[edit | edit source]

You'll be able to build wonders just like you would any other structure using the /build command. However, constructing wonders takes a lot of money, space, and time. When you begin constructing a wonder, it will be announced globally to the world, allowing other towns to build wonders as well, possibly starting a wonder race. If another town finishes a wonder while you are building yours, only 50% of the coins invested in the wonder will be refunded.

Increasing Wonder Build Speed[edit | edit source]

The build speed for any structure is controlled by the town's hammer rate. Towns have a base hammer of one, but your hammers will likely be based on three factors: surrounding biomes, town structures, and trade goodies. One great way to increase the hammer count of a town is to build mines. There are also trade goodies that both give hammers and reduce the build cost. Your government also affects your hammer rate.

Delaying a Wonder[edit | edit source]

If you were not the first to start a wonder, you will have to catch up in order to beat them to building it. You can catch up in three different ways.

  • Espionage - infiltrate the enemy city and sabotage/delay their wonder construction with your spies.
  • War - Declare war on the other nation and delay their wonder by attacking it. Note: you cannot destroy their wonder, only delay it.
  • Increase your own build speed - Build more mines to increase your town's hammer rate, or construction buff trade goods.

List Of Wonders[edit | edit source]

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